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The eight major fashion trends of 2020

According to famous stylists and fashion experts, 2020 will please us with simple and understandable clothes that are comfortable to wear in everyday life.

The fashion trends of 2020 are ease, as well as fashionable realism, which implies practicality and maximum comfort.

Fans of bright and original clothes are recommended to mix simplicity with bold prints. Yes, yes, they will still be relevant in 2020. In particular, patterns with tropical leaves and giant palm trees.

Below you will find all eight fashion trends of 2020.

The 90s minimalism

The 90s continue to inspire fashion designers. Drawing inspiration from fashion trends that were popular at the time, designers create a contemporary vision of retro style.

Polka dots

In 2020, polka dots patterns will be relevant on dresses, blouses and even skirts.


Bermuda shorts, trousers, oversized shirts and jackets made of leather will be more relevant this year than ever.


Victoria Beckham, Gucci and Balenciaga have already presented their versions of the pantsuit in their collections. In 2020, it is worth paying attention to casual-style costumes inspired by relaxed masculinity.

Tropical patterns

Tropical patterns in the style of the Sicilian jungle — from giant palm trees to abstract flowers and green leaves, will become the main attribute of the wardrobe in 2020. This is evidenced by the shows of Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Marni, Fendi.

Base top

Base tops will be incredibly popular this year.


Fashion stylists claim that the fashion for vests is back. They also recommend wearing them over blouses, basic plain tops and colourful print t-shirts.

Shoes with chains

Golden and silver chains promise to decorate the most popular shoe models of last year.

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