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The funniest fashion trends ever

Beauty’s a cruel mistress. Sometimes it requires moral courage and determination. Every year, designers go further and further, presenting quite unusual, and sometimes downright funny trends on the catwalk. It is unlikely that we will meet such outfits in stores or dare to go out in them. But to get acquainted with the “fun”, we made this selection. So, the TOP of the funniest fashion trends that are best watched on the sidelines.

Ripped jeans

Ripped jeans have been kept on the fashionable Olympus for several years. Especially if it is skinny jeans. But sometimes the fashion came to a standstill: when the holes were too big or not where needed. Or both.


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Denim shorts with paint on the legs

We thought ripped jeans in the most shameful places were the culmination of fashionable superstition. But fashion legislators went further and came up with shorts with the decor in the form of stains of paint. Inconvenient, ugly, not stylish and unnecessary. We almost agree on jeans with lace and pearls.


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Transparent skirt

At first glance, it looks modest and decent! But it is not necessary to put on such to school or work. Or maybe this outfit is suitable for a private party? No, enough to justify this outfit, it has a place only at the fashion show.


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Beige colour leggings

Earlier, young ladies were afraid to show their pants, but now you can often see a girl on the street in leggings, ugg boots and a short fur coat. It is good if it’s black, not beige.


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Ripped tights

Tights with holes is a strange trend that designers shocked the public with more than 10 years ago. We did not understand what its meaning (except for savings, of course), because in most cases, such an outfit will be perceived untidy.


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Socks and sandals

It is not clear how this trend lasted for several seasons.


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Transparent pants

First, it is not convenient. Secondly, not hygienic, and thirdly, it looks ugly. In just a few minutes your legs will be covered with sweat. It will flow down, and all this will be visible because the pants are transparent.


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