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The importance of the daily regime

Each of us heard about the importance of adhering to the daily regime. However, what is it and what bonuses do we get if we follow it? GoBeauty Blog learned a lot about this topic and is ready to share useful information with you.

What is included in the concept of the daily regime?

First and foremost, it is sleep and its sufficient amount. Children need to sleep at least 10-12 hours a day, and adults – 6-8. Interestingly, older people need less sleep – only 4-6 hours a day. The ideal time to go to bed – from 9 pm to 11 pm, and for waking up – 6 am -7 am. It is permissible for the child to wake up an hour later.

No less necessary and proper nutrition and drinking regime. We will not remind you of the benefits of healthy eating, as we have already written about it many times. Now we want to emphasise the fact that it is desirable to eat at the same time (+ – half an hour). When the body is accustomed to receiving food at a particular time, it is preparing for this – it allocates gastric juice, which helps digest food. Also, during the day you should drink 1.5-2 litres of water in small portions.


What effect can you expect by following these simple rules?

Good health

The main plus of the schedule in the ability of the body to adapt to the constant rhythm. That is, at specified intervals, we will be tuned to work, and in certain – to rest. Taking into account the needs of the body, you are tuning it with one wave, without forcing or breaking it. The body, to which a moderate and reasonable load is given, does not suffer from over-stresses, tiredness and illnesses of the offices – emotional burn-outs.

High performance at work

If you go to bed in time, then in the morning you will not have problems with the cheerfulness and clearness of the mind, necessary for solving difficult and important work tasks. It makes no sense to wait for mental illumination if you enjoyed bloody thrillers all night long or drank in the pub and ate roasted meat. But in the morning, in the office, you will need a clear mind and maximum productivity. Take care of them in the evening.

Comprehensive development

We often complain of a shortage of time, justifying our inertia and lack of progress. By adjusting the routine of the day, you will easily find time for all relevant matters. Scientists advise going to bed at 9 pm. Are you smiling right now? Do you think this is for kids only? Then honestly analyse what efforts you are capable of after a hard working day? Use social networks? Turn on the TV and watch the “nothing about” program? And in the morning for the same 3-4 hours, you can have physical activities (which adds more liveliness), read a good book, give time to your hobby, do some household feat (for example, to wash windows or clean the sofa).

Prevention of weight gain

The daily regime will help to win in the overweight fight. As we said above, with the observance of the schedule, the body adapts to the natural rhythm, becomes capable. This helps to learn to live without unhealthy snacks, adhering to three meals a day with beneficial products. Why useful? Because we can eat healthy food only if we have such an opportunity. You can only cook a tasty breakfast or lunch at home, spending time on it.

Successes in fitness

To succeed in sports, you need to practice exercises regularly. This is also contributing to the routine of the day. Most business people are engaged in fitness in the morning, even before the beginning of the working day. And that’s right since training in the morning helps to awaken the whole body: the blood system adjusts to work, oxygen, muscle, organs, tissues and brain improve.

But the main bonus of compliance with the regime is self-esteem raising. So, when we can arrange ourselves and our time, we respect ourselves even more. It is a beautiful addition to health and well-being.

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