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The real benefit of cotton, or how to support Armed Forces of Ukraine?

Since February 24, the life of all Ukrainians has been divided into “before” and “after”. Now we react differently to loud sounds, we count the time from alarm to alarm differently, and we understand the meaning of words differently.

Now “arrival” is not about the landing of the plane at the airport. Charles de Gaulle, “anxiety” is not about inner experiences, “stretching” is not about twine, and “cotton” is not associated with flowers and quality clothes. Now “cotton” is what our Armed Forces of Ukraine are delivering to the enemy!

Did you order cotton delivery?

The Front-U charity fund is a volunteer initiative that helps our defenders to deliver cotton directly to the occupiers.

The fund collects funds and buys exclusively necessary things in four areas:

  • optics: sights and monoculars to see the enemy at night, in fog, smoke, etc;
  • communication: walkie-talkies, satellite phones, so that our defenders are constantly in touch;
  • military intelligence: quadcopters to be able to see the invaders from the sky;
  • effective adjustment of fire: tablets from the Nettle software, which help mercilessly “sting” the enemy.

In two months of the fund’s activity, it was possible to gather more than UAH 3.5 million and purchase and transfer more than 100 devices to the front line.

Among the Ambassadors of the organization are the best of the best in the financial sector and simply well-known people of Ukraine. In particular, Deputy Chairman of the National Bank of Ukraine Oleksiy Shaban, Chairman of the Board of the National Bank of Ukraine (Independent Association of Banks of Ukraine) Olena Korobkova, Senior Director of Visa Anastasia Nenasheva, Director of Dragon Capital Oleksandr Ublinskykh, Head of Yevhen Velikanov, Vice President of Mastercard Serhiy Francishko and others.

Now the task of all conscious Ukrainians is to help and support our Armed Forces. It’s very easy to do:

  • spread information about Russia’s crimes among foreign friends;
  • to volunteer;
  • support financially: make a one-time donation or set up regular transfers from your bank card to the Front-U account.

Remember, even the smallest donation is much more than nothing!

You can familiarize yourself with the activities of Front-U and donate to quality cotton by following the link:

We keep the financial back to Victory!

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