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The secret of youth has been revealed: royal women’ skincare

Representatives of royal families often become role models for millions of women around the world.

Women from royal families have the opportunity to collaborate with the most talented stylists, makeup artists and cosmetologists on the planet because their main task is to look as well-groomed as possible.

Kate Middleton

The secret of the Duchess of Cambridge’s flawless radiant skin lies in the use of intensive procedures for skin with bee venom. Deborah Mitchell is a cosmetologist who works with Hollywood stars and members of the royal family. She developed a bee venom mask with apitoxin that effectively removes wrinkles and evens out the skin.

Meghan Markle

Meghan Markle considers ordinary tea tree oil to be the most effective skincare product:

“The only remedy without which I would never go on a trip is tea tree oil. Of course, this is absolutely not a glamorous remedy, but if you suddenly got a pimple or a mosquito bit you or you just cut yourself with something, this small universal medicine, which is also inexpensive, will be a real salvation,” – she says.

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