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The world’s first stick-on eyeshadow has been launched

Even for experienced beauty lovers, nailing eyeshadow can be tricky – and that’s without the messy makeup bags, dirty brushes and fall out on a freshly applied foundation.

The shocking news that the world’s first stick-on eyeshadow has finally launched in the UK amazed a lot of people.

Majic Beauty’s eyeMajic Instant Eyeshadow is the first transferable eyeshadow of its kind that uses a heat-sensitive applicator to apply makeup to the eyelid in one swipe.

The original product is available in a spectrum of colour combinations such as from Autumn Fall (earthy browns and gold) and Double Mint (metallic greens) to Monte Carlo (candy pink) and Romantic Sunset (reds and bronze), which are all available to buy in either matte or shimmer.

The eyeshadow itself is formulated with super fine grade pigment particles to create vibrant, long-lasting colour, while the applicators are biodegradable.

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