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They do not breathe: 7 nail care myths, in which we believe

Short nails are healthier than long ones, and you can’t remove gel polish with acetone, the cuticle should be cut as often as possible – we follow all these rumours. But is this true or another nail care myth? It’s time to understand this issue, say goodbye to meaningless rituals and finally, let your nails live a full life.

Myth №1: Nails must "breathe"

Our nails are made up of dead cells, so there is no need to "breathe". The only thing that can threaten you after a lot of painting in a row is the yellowing of the nails, which can be removed even at home. If you visit a good salon and are sure that the tools are safe and hygienic, you can not bother and feel free to paint your nails several times in a row.

Myth №2: The more often you cut the cuticle, the better

And false again! On the contrary, the more often you cut the cuticle, the faster the skin around the nail will dry out, and ugly burrs will appear. Manicurists recommend cutting the cuticle every two weeks or less. You can apply care oil or wax twice a day to saturate the skin with moisture and protect it from mechanical damage after a nail care procedure.

Myth №3: Gel nail polish is healthier than acrylic

Both contain formaldehyde, xylene, toluene and other toxic chemicals, which can not be called useful for our nails, so it is impossible to isolate a more useful varnish. It all depends on the correctness of their use during nail painting and the subsequent removal of varnish from the nail plate. If you do a manicure by yourself, make sure you know all the basic rules, and then you will not even notice the damage of gel or acrylic polish.

Myth №4: Varnish remover is harmful to nails

Modern nail polish removers can not harm the health of nails. Acetone and ethyl acetate remove moisture from the nail plate and dry it, so manufacturers add, for example, castor or orange oil to neutralise the drying effect of solvents on the nails. 

Myth №5: The shorter the nails – the better

Nails cut almost to the root is one of the leading causes of their deformation. Nails, in any case, can not be cut completely, you need to leave at least 1 mm free edge. Otherwise, it can turn into ingrown nails. It is better to cut nails with a nail clipper, as the blades are made in such a way that they do not bite off anything extra and do not injure the nail.

Myth №6: The use of LED and UV lamps can cause cancer and hyperpigmentation of the skin

It is a common mistake that has no evidence and no logical explanation. The light of an ultraviolet lamp differs from the ultraviolet radiation that awaits you in direct sunlight. Lamps only accelerate the curing process of the polymer coating.

Myth №7: One manicure set will be enough for the whole family

Hand and nail care tools should be individual for each family member. It is critical for the reason that no one usually sterilises the instruments properly at home. It is good to wipe with alcohol before use. Therefore, to avoid getting foreign infections, it is easier to buy individual manicure sets for everyone.

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