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Top 5 beauty tips for you during the winter season

The cold season can be a real test for our beauty, but it also can give new opportunities for rejuvenation. It all depends on how you take care of yourself. We have prepared for you 5 the most relevant beauty tips that will help you survive the winter without compromising beauty.

Use face creams with an SPF filter

In winter, ultraviolet activity is almost as high as in summer. Snow reflects the sun’s rays and increasing its impact. Therefore, the level of protection of the day cream should be at least 15-20 SPF. At negative temperatures, it is worth putting the funds in half an hour before going out.


Change your beauty habits

In the summer, we use dry blush, matte lipsticks and BB creams with a light texture to avoid excess fat on the face. In winter, dry products are best replaced by analogues with a creamy texture. This will help you to avoid trauma and drying of the dermis.


Nourish your skin with water

Heating devices dry the air in the room, as a result of which the facial skin becomes dry and tightened. The use of oils will help to solve the problem. They are not only effective but also pleasant: massaging with oils for the face will help relieve tension after a difficult day at work and bring thoughts in order.


Take care of your hair

When you are going out into the frost (–10 ° C or more), be sure to wear a hat. If you have long hair, hide it under a scarf and clothing. This will help to keep the hair alive, prevent their fragility and delamination of the tips.


Get an appointment to the cosmetologist

Beauty insiders recommend carrying out many cosmetic procedures in the winter. For example, anti-cellulite massage. Long clothes will help you to hide bruises that often remain from lymphatic drainage. Also, winter is the ideal period for getting rid of unwanted moles and papillomas, laser hair removal, peeling (do not forget about using SPF creams after the procedure) and skin whitening.


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When caring for yourself during the cold season, remember that not only cosmetics change people. The mandatory attribute of the beauty of every woman is a sincere smile. Smile and be irresistible!

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