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TOP-5 braids for the long hair

On the long hair, braids look very gorgeous. They emphasize the femininity, youth and tenderness of the girl. We have prepared for you a selection of the most popular and beautiful hairstyles that you can do by yourself or with the help of relatives.

French braid

This is a classic that will always be relevant. The braiding is suitable for thick and thin hair and can be both an independent hairstyle or an element of sophisticated design.


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Fix the braiding better with thin elastics of your hair colour, so that the braids are invisible. Decorate your hairstyle with beautiful hairpins, flowers, ribbons, rings or with scarves and headbands.

Fishtail Braid

This type of braiding includes 4 hair strands, which make it wider and denser than others. To do the fishtail braid, put the hair in a bunch at the back and divide it into two identical halves. From the outer part of the hair in your right hand, take a thin strand and add it to the curls in your right hand. Do the same on the other side. The braid will be symmetrical and tidy if the strands are of the same size. You can give the hairstyle a French charm by starting not from the back, but from the side of the head.


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Heart braided hairstyle

A new version of hairstyle for a young girl or teenager. To do the braid in the form of hearts, pick up the hair on the apex (somewhere at the level of the temples), then get the tail traversed through itself inside. Below, take two hair strands and fix them with an elastic band with the first tail so that a slight distance between the elastics is reached. In this gap, you must loosen the strands and move the tail. Make another tail from the rest of the hair and turn it inside again.


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Twist Braid

One of the simplest types of weaving, which you can do in 5 minutes before leaving the house. The braid will be located on one side, so carefully brush the hair and collect it to one side.

  • We fix the first elastic band on shoulder level.
  • Then we divide the hair over the elastic band in half and separate the strands in different directions.
  • Then you need to be careful because it’s easy to spoil the hairstyle. It is necessary to make a hole in a tail made. The result should be a romantic curl.
  • The resulting curl must be fixed, tightening it. It can be stretched with the help of hair located below.
  • Next, we align the first curl (it is necessary to do it neatly since the final appearance of the hair depends on it).
  • After that, you make a few curls according to the same principle depending on the length of the hair.

As a result, you will get such a pretty hairstyle:


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Greek braid hairstyle

This is the most complicated hairstyle from the five presented, but it looks solemn so it can be done before important events and holidays.

  • Use the hair curler to get the volume at the roots.
  • Wave all the hair making strong curls.
  • Remove the upper strands to the side.
  • Lower strands get all together with the help of an elastic band on the tail and secure a roller to them.
  • Lower the strands alternately from one side to the other and fix them parallel to each other on the opposite side of the roller, but so that the middle bends.
  • Do this with all the strands, carefully putting them one by one.

At the end the hairstyle will look like this:


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