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Top-5 salon procedures for hair beauty

It is the best time to update your hairstyle and a great opportunity to do hair repair. It is possible to achieve an impressive effect even after one visit to the beauty salon. Which of the five most popular procedures to choose? This will be announced by GoBeauty Blog today.

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  1. Hair laminating. The most famous and most commonly used procedure that makes the hair incredibly smooth on the next day. For this, a special laminating product, which consists of biologically active additives and vitamin B12, is applied to the curls. Then the hair is warmed up for 15 minutes. The nutrient mixture covers it and works like a protective cover (each hair is getting sealed). The procedure lasts about 20 minutes and does not require client involvement.

  2. Hair shielding. This is a kind of laminating, but between the hot and cold phases is a restorative stage. After a hot phase, hair is fed and moisturized with special serums. It contains amino acids, soy protein, butter, and vitamins. After shielding, as well as after lamination, a thin film that protects hair forms on each strand. The result after the procedure is instantaneous, the dim and disreputable curls become elastic and shiny.

  3. Hair keratin treatment. This procedure involves the special treatment of hair with keratin by protein origin. Keratin is a real “building material” for hair, so after the procedure, you will get not only equal hair but also a protective shell that protects it from the influence of the environment. A keratin treatment will help girls with long hair to overcome the problem of sliced tips and curb naughty strands.

  4. Keraterm hair ritual. The previous procedure is to align the hair with keratin. But unlike keratin treatment, in this case, everything happens due to the high temperature. The curls after the procedure look straight and shiny. This is a great alternative to daily hair straightening, which damages the hair. The effect is kept for up to 4 months.

  5. Hair frosting. Another good procedure for smoothness and beauty of hair, at which the strands are covered with a special product with ceramides. The curls after it become excellent, more obedient, and the natural colour of the hair brighter. Hair thickens, and the volume is added at the roots. It is also possible to change the colour of hair without hair dyeing.

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