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Trendy accessories of spring 2021

With the advent of spring, trendy women’s accessories play a major role. The fewer clothes on us, the more attention is drawn to details. And although we have just felt all the delights of spring, we are ready to share the hottest trends that will help you look stylish. 


Pearls continue to lead modern trends. Accessories made of the sea or river pearls, perfect shape or whimsical, wrong – there will be a lot of pearls this season.

Massive chains

The massiveness trend from 2020 confidently set foot with us in 2021! Chains have become a favourite of spring and summer collections.

Purses as decoration

An unobserved alternative to the usual chains with pendants! It looks unique! As a general rule, if there are frills, ruffles, additional details on the clothes in the neckline area, then jewellery in this area is no longer needed. But next season this rule can be broken!

Mono earring

Jewellery trends change a little slower. However, mono earrings and asymmetrical sets are back in the collection № 21, Miu Miu and Alberta Ferretti.

Accent socks

You can dilute a restrained outfit with bright socks. With them, a strict look will immediately become more stylish. Fashion now knows no limits, so feel free to experiment.

Abstract jewellery

When choosing it, try to avoid large sizes and inserts with stones. In this case, the dimensions and shape play faster in the red, and you will look vulgar. But small abstract accessories will help to dilute the business look with a blouse and even casual style with a sweater.

Panama hats

Panama hats made of light materials for the holiday and options made of sheepskin, wool and leather are fashionable. How good that now there is such a variety of trendy hats.

Chandelier earrings

Notable trendy accessories have become an aesthetic addition to many outfits at fashion shows in recent seasons. And to emphasize the neck and décolleté, the designers added large chandelier earrings to their collections.

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