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Trendy haircuts for short hair

Short women’s haircuts, in principle, can not go out of fashion! First, because it is convenient: short hair does not interfere with work, sports or leisure. Secondly, because it is an excellent solution for owners of thin hair. It helps women visually increase the volume of curls. And finally, because it’s beautiful, stylish, and trendy again in the new season!

What haircuts will be on the top? How will the outlines of the usual haircuts change? We are looking for answers to these and other questions in a detailed GoBeauty guide.


In 2020, it will rightly enter the top five most popular haircuts, and it will become even more mischievous and asymmetrical. Note: the changes will affect the entire geometry of the haircut, including the bangs. If you want to emphasize the uneven hair tips, you can ask the hairstylist to lighten it! The most original Pixie is a haircut with creative colouring and the addition of shaved areas. So if you want to stand out from the crowd, you should take a risk.


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Bob haircut

This haircut has not lost its popularity for many years. And in 2020 it will get freshness! For example, by increasing the number of torn curls and graduation. The gradation technique allows you to create beautiful cuts on the hair, which eventually form a graduated version of the haircut. In 2020, it will be fashionable to get a graduated bob for short hair. At the moment, there are three types of it: light, optimal and intense.


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Women’s Sassoon haircut enchants with a special stylistic pattern. Ideally, it is an elongated oval contour and a thick straight bang to the eyebrows. But fashion has slightly adjusted it in the spring-summer 2020 season. Instead of an oval contour, you should strive for around one.

And yet, in the new fashion season, Sassoon haircut is more voluminous, thanks to graduation.


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