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Trendy hairstyles 2020: What’s in style now?

2019 was the year of the triumphant return of retro hairstyles and styles of different eras. Moreover, last year, the simplest hairstyle was trendy: no “Game of Thrones” style. What will be the trend this season? GoBeauty learned about this.

High ponytail

The 2019-2020 fashion shows featured a variety of high ponytail styling options that can be embellished with completely different accessories. So for high ponytail designers this year used the following accessories:


In the new season, you may see many different accessories with fur. Colours can be different, there are no restrictions. In this choice, you can rely only on your desires and imagination. But it must also be remembered that the look must be harmonious.

Bright stones

Designers often choose accessories with natural stones. But also hair jewellery with artificial stones look good. The main point is the right combination with the clothing as a whole. The look must be feminine and complete.


You can often find ribbons as a hair accessory. It can also be decorated with stones, other flowers, and pearls.

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GET THE LOOK: 1. Prep pre-curled hair (see previous video with @marianna_hewitt for wave tutorial) with @tresemme micro mist hairspray in texture then backbrush the top of hair with a @natalieannehair smoothing brush, using @oribe volumizing powder for added hold 2. Smooth the top layer with the same brush, then gather hair at the back of the head, leaving two pieces out around the face 3. Secure with a bungee elastic then wrap a piece of hair around to conceal, then use the end of a comb to shape the hair 4. Backbrush through the ponytail for added volume 5. Use @colorwowhair root touch up powder at the parting and exposed hairline 6. Use tweezers to pick up flat backed rhinestones then dip in eyelash glue and attach to hair song: ‘simple feelings’ by @thebaileyb video: filmed by @blairbbrown and edited by @yoniberk makeup: @carlenekmakeup

Публикация от justine marjan (@justinemarjan) 9 Дек 2019 в 9:28 PST

Wavy bob with bang

Bang is a very good solution for creating original types of styling because it allows you to completely change the appearance. New-fashioned styling of 2020 with curly bangs on the side is unexpectedly combined with straight or wavy bob and bangs on two sides. It can complement both curls, and long and medium straight hair, and hairstyles with braiding.

Up-to-date styling with straight bangs just below the eyebrows. Trendy are hairstyles for different lengths of hair with medium asymmetrical and long torn bangs on all sides and on one side. Ultra-short styling with an elongated asymmetrical, graduated, torn bangs will look very impressive and extravagant, so this is an option for confident ladies who are not afraid to experiment with appearance.

Victoria’s Secret curls

The classic of the genre – soft curls on long hair. This hairstyle looks spectacular in any situation. And you can create it with the help of curling iron, styler, and without them. Candice Swanepoel, for example, simply gets slightly damp hair in two buns on the top to save time. But Taylor Hill prefers to use a large diameter curling iron.

Knots 2020

The easiest and fastest trendy hairstyle for medium hair for girls is the knots (in the form of a twisted bun), which are tied on the top and fastened with the help of pins. Thus the curl in the form of a knot should be not one, but the more the better. You will be surprised, but the ideal version of this hairstyle for a bad girl is to tie the hair in a tall bun, not combing it at all. If this is horrible to you, use wax for styling and let the hair look deliberately careless.


Long hair braids will be in fashion this year. However, not all, but the most simple. It could be a tight braid that Adrian Lima loves, or a simple French braiding, a fish-tail braid, or a lazy half-flowing braid. All you want. The main thing is that trendy hairstyle on your long curls will look as if you spent 5 minutes on it.

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