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Useful habits that do more harm than good

The ancient Greek philosopher Democritus argued that if you go beyond measure, the most pleasant will become unpleasant. This also can be said about good habits too. Various useful procedures, strict restrictions, stylish and fashionable things do not harm beauty and health only if present in our lives sometimes and are not a habit. In this article, we collected a number of “unhealthy” habits, which are better to get rid of.

Fat rejection

Women, fearing to gain excess weight, do not simply refuse fatty fried foods, but almost completely avoid the consumption of fats. This truly harms condition of skin, hair and nails. Without fats, the body does not function correctly. Therefore, even in the thinning lady’s menu should be present unsaturated fats (nuts, avocado, vegetable oils, for example, olive, fish fatty varieties).


Fascination with freshly squeezed juices and drinks

Considering packaged juices useless, many people switch to freshly squeezed juices. However, in their composition remains water, sugar and a small number of vitamins after cooking. The bulk of nutrients remains in the pulp. In this case, lemon concentrated juice is dangerous for ulcers, and grape juice – for people with pancreatic diseases. Therefore, nutritionists often recommend fresh fruits and vegetables to eat whole or prepare smoothies from them.


Skinny jeans or trousers

Skinny jeans or trousers – a fashion trend in recent years. This element of wardrobe was especially liked by fit girls since it perfectly emphasizes their attractiveness. However, constant wearing of tight jeans may cause the development of nervous system diseases. In addition, this leads to a violation of blood circulation in legs and the risk of their numbness.


Antibacterial soap

Using antibacterial soap helps to decontaminate skin after a walk in the park or travelling in public transport. However, its regular application destroys natural skin barrier and protection in the form of beneficial bacteria. At the same time, many pathogenic microbes have immunity against disinfectants and, on the contrary, reproduce at a higher rate in the absence of restraining microorganisms. Dermatologists recommend having antibacterial soap in the medicine box and use it to treat cuts, wounds and abrasions. To wash your hands with antibacterial soap better couple of times a week.


Brushing teeth

Brushing your teeth after eating is beneficial, but only if you do not do this immediately after you finish eating. Especially if menu contents fruits and foods with high acidity. Tooth bristles promote the penetration of acids into the deeper layers of the enamel, thereby destroying it. It is better to brush your teeth in 30-60 minutes after eating.


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