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Very hot: the sexiest colour of autumn 2019

The Pantone Colour Institute recently named the TOP-10 colours for the autumn-winter 2019/2020 season. In turn, psychologists at the University of Rochester decided to experiment and prove what colour makes a woman sexy in the eyes of a man.

The red is considered to be the sexiest colour in nature.

The researchers explain the result with two arguments. First, men respond to the red by natural instincts, because the female genital organs of different living organisms have exactly the same colour. Second, men perceive red as a sex signal by stereotyped trends. We are accustomed to regarding lady in red as the standard of femininity and passion.

Also, according to psychologists, it is red that enhances the work of those areas of the brain that are responsible for attention. That is, red, as an object, immediately attracts attention.

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