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What cannot be done with your hair: TOP-5 mistakes

Beautiful and healthy hair requires proper care, but very often, our efforts turn against us. In order not to make common mistakes, we recommend that you carefully look at a selection of bad habits that can cross out all your efforts.

Wrong head washing

Before washing, your hair should be combed. You run the risk of breaking the structure of the curls. Even after washing, the hair will remain more or less neat.

Be sure to check the water temperature before washing your head. Water warmer than 45 degrees can significantly damage the scalp. It is easy to determine the right temperature, and it should be slightly warmer than room temperature.

Wash your head properly. Rub a small amount of shampoo in the palms of your hands, then rub it thoroughly with gentle massage movements. Note that the shampoo is first applied to the scalp and then to the entire length of the hair. It is not necessary to pour too much of the product; otherwise, it will be difficult to wash it off.

After you have washed your head, wrap your curls in a soft towel. You do not need to rub your hair with it; otherwise, you will damage its structure and provoke the appearance of the split ends.

Keep the curls wet for a long time

Wet hair is weak hair. The longer you go with it, the more defenceless it becomes. For this condition, experts have even come up with a particular term – hydro-fatigue hair. However, it is quite easy to prevent. Wipe your wet head dry with a towel and do not wait for the curls to dry on their own. Experts also do not recommend sleeping with damp hair: if wet strands begin to rub against the surface of the pillow, they will be damaged. And it can also create the right conditions for fungus. And the perfect styling in the morning will only be a dream.

Improper dyed hair care

Forget about regular shampoos and balms! Unfortunately, the usual and suitable colouring products are now banned! Replace your shampoo and balm with products for dyed hair so you will save the curls from washing out the pigment. Try to choose the same brand, so it is possible to provide the hair with proper care. And it is vital to pick them based on the condition of the curls. After dyeing, hair is often dried, so buy a moisturizer.

Improper hair drying

This procedure is also part of the hygienic hair care, and similarly instant is part of the ongoing measures that are necessary for the purity and health of the curls. However, there are many differences in drying issues. It is best for the curls to dry in natural conditions, but do not walk with a wet head under the burning sun. In this case, or if you are in a hurry, it is permissible to use a hairdryer. Dry the curls at low temperatures, and it is best to use unique protective products. Try to get your hairdryer and curler as rare as possible.

Tying a tight ponytail

Why? A tight ponytail disrupts the circulation of the scalp, which means that the hair does not get the nutrients it needs to function correctly. As a result, this will cause the curls to become sluggish, brittle and begin to fall out.

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