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What is a face primer and how to apply it

Primer is included in the category of basic makeup products, which should be in each cosmetic bag.

Why do you need a primer

The primer helps create an extra layer between the face and makeup. It creates a protective barrier to the skin, and also seals and protects any care products. While the cream softens the skin, the primer prepares the face for applying makeup, prolonging its life and safety throughout the day. 

Face primer promotes more even distribution of foundation, neat blending of other products, better durability and colour rendering of any makeup.

The product makes pores less noticeable, evens out the texture and complexion, prevents the appearance of oily sheen, hides peeling and helps to more evenly apply a tonal base.

Coloured primers help to cope with improper skin pigmentation. For example, peach and yellow mask bruises on the face. Green primer covers redness, lilac – grey skin tone.

How to choose a face primer

Focus on your skin type, and take into account its problems. For dry skin, you need a base with moisturizing ingredients, and for oily skin, you need a base without oils and silicones.

It is also recommended to choose a primer that will be combined with your tonal base.

How to apply face primer

Use a small amount of product

Pea size is usually enough to completely cover the face. With primers filling the pores, it is worth remembering that they are applied only to problem areas. That is, on the T-zone and the area on the cheeks around the nose.

Move from the centre to the periphery

Makeup artists recommend applying all skin products from the centre of the face, where the main focus is. Spread the primer with a thin layer in a circular motion using your fingers or a brush.

Do not forget about the area around the eyes

Do not use the matting primer in the area under the eyes, it is better to apply the base for the shadows there.

Mix primer with foundation

Do not mix colour primers with foundation creams – only transparent or shiny.

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