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What is Japanese manicure

Japanese manicure is a special approach to nail care that combines traditional techniques with modern innovations. It aims to heal, restore, and maintain the natural beauty of nails. In this article, we will explore what a Japanese manicure is, its main stages, and why it is becoming increasingly popular among women worldwide.

History and Origin

Japanese manicure has deep roots in Japanese culture. The tradition of nail care has existed for centuries, and this manicure is its modern interpretation. The main goal of Japanese manicure is to strengthen and heal nails using natural components.

Main Stages of Japanese Manicure

1. Nail Preparation

The first stage of a Japanese manicure involves thorough nail preparation. Nails are cleaned, old polish is removed, and a gentle peeling is performed to remove dead skin cells.

2. Nail Plate Treatment

At this stage, special pastes containing natural components such as beeswax, seaweed extract, and pearls are used. The paste is applied to the nails and thoroughly rubbed in, which helps to strengthen and restore them.

3. Polishing

After treating the nail plate, it is polished with a special buff, giving the nails a natural shine and smoothness. Polishing helps to seal all the beneficial substances inside the nail, enhancing their effectiveness.

4. Moisturizing

In the final stage, the nails and cuticles are treated with moisturizing oils and serums containing vitamins and minerals. This provides additional nourishment and hydration, promoting healthy nail growth.

Benefits of Japanese Manicure

Nail Strengthening

Thanks to the use of natural components, Japanese manicure helps to strengthen and heal nails. It combats brittleness and splitting, making the nails stronger and healthier.

Natural Appearance

Unlike gel polish and other types of manicure, Japanese manicure gives the nails a natural look. Nails appear well-groomed and healthy without the use of harsh chemicals.

Absence of Harmful Substances

Japanese manicure does not use harmful chemicals that can negatively affect the condition of nails and skin. This makes it safe for all skin and nail types.

Long-lasting Effect

Thanks to deep nourishment and strengthening, the effect of Japanese manicure lasts for a long time. Nails remain healthy and strong for several weeks.

Japanese manicure is the perfect choice for those who aim to maintain the natural beauty and health of their nails. It combines traditional techniques and modern innovations, making it an effective and safe method of care. Try Japanese manicure, and your nails will thank you for such a caring approach.

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