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Why our skin needs acids?

Today, everyone has heard about cosmetics with acids. It solves many skin problems starting with inflammation and ending with wrinkles. Let’s figure out what acids are needed and why, as well as learn how to properly introduce them into your beauty routine.

Why do you need acids in cosmetics?

The main task of acids, which are part of cosmetics, is to renew the skin. The cells of our epidermis are constantly dying and accumulating on the surface. Some of them exfoliate naturally, but others can linger on the skin. It causes the complexion to deteriorate, the skin to become duller, and the pores to clog quickly. That is why there is a procedure of chemical peeling.

What acids to use

There is no common rule, it is always individual. But we can assume the following division by skin type as a basis:

  • oily skin – BHA acids (salicylic acid);
  • mixed type of skin – AHA and BHA acids;
  • dry skin – AHA and PHA acids;
  • sensitive skin – PHA acids (gluconolactone and lactobionic acid) and soft AHA acids (almond, lactic).

How to properly introduce it into your beauty routine

It is important to start using such cosmetics gradually. The autumn-winter period is the best time for this. But it is always vital to remember basic skincare. It should include cleansing, toning with a tonic or essence, serum application, eye cream and the main nourishing or moisturizing beauty product.

It is better to start using cosmetics in the evening. Before that, clean the skin well with hydrophilic oil or a thick balm.

First, supplement the evening care with a special tonic to get the skin used to the effects. Wet the face with a towel and apply the acid composition on the skin, excluding the area around the eyes.

Morning is the recovery time after procedures. It can dry out the skin, so use a mild cleanser with a neutral pH level and moisturizing toning products in the morning. Cosmetics based on aloe juice or a small amount of salicylic acid in the composition will help soothe skin and relieve irritation. Also, do not forget about products with SPF-factor, as they help protect against the appearance of possible pigment spots. They should be applied even in the cold season.

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