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Sky blue – trendy nails colour this fall

This not very cold autumn girls prefer a shade that embodies purity, freedom, the virginity of nature, tenderness and harmony with the world. A few...


Understanding Slouchy Jeans: A Comfortable and Stylish Denim Trend

In this article, we delve into what slouchy jeans are, how they differ from other denim styles, and why they've become a staple in modern wardrobes

Decoding the Comfort: Understanding the Meaning of Slouchy Fit Jeans

This article delves into the meaning of slouchy fit jeans, exploring their design, appeal, and how they differ from other denim styles



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Romanian Cosmetic Brands: Pioneering Natural Beauty and Innovation

Romania, with its rich cultural heritage and pristine natural landscapes, is home to a burgeoning cosmetic industry that merges tradition with modern innovation

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Brown mascara: everyday makeup solution

Often the acquaintance of girls with brown mascara follows one scenario: without sorting out the store, you accidentally take mascara of this colour. And...

Beauty trends of the hot summer-2021

"Self-expression is the key in the modern world". It seems that these summer trends were emphasized ten times with a bright marker, or bright...

A shocking trend that everyone has tried at least once in a life

While you are looking for effective methods to get rid of dark circles under the eyes, they are becoming a new beauty trend. The trend...

Spring 2021: new make-up trends

Last year was very unusual for the beauty industry. Makeup trends were formed under the influence of changing "quarantine" reality. Most fashionistas have limited...

The main beauty trends of autumn 2020

Autumn has already come, so you need to review your wardrobe, makeup, and possibly hair colour. What will be in trend in the new...
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Everything new is the well-forgotten old. And, perhaps, not even forgotten, but constantly used, and then improved. Many women want to refresh their look...
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