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This season's nail trend: microfrench

Although French manicure is most often perceived as a relic of the past, nail influencers breathed a breathed life into it, and its new variation is again at the peak of popularity.
26 November 2023
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TOP-3 New Year nail design trendy ideas

Among all the fashionable nail art ideas we have identified the three most important, which are at the peak of popularity. Get inspired!
25 November 2023
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TOP-5 best lip liners

We have compiled a selection of the best lip liners based on expert assessments and buyers feedback. Our recommendations will help you make the right choice.
22 November 2023
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TOP-7 anti-age hand creams

GoBeauty Blog decided to recall the importance of hand care and to name 7 rejuvenating hand creams that are worth a try.
20 November 2023
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TOP-4 ‘90s hairstyles, which you will never do again

Haircuts and hairstyles of the ‘90s represent an incredible mix of different styles and, in a sense, sin with a lack of taste
19 November 2023
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The best eyebrows products of all the times

Today GoBeauty Blog will tell about the selection of the best products for eyebrows for every taste and wallet.
19 November 2023
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10 best red nail design ideas

Just like a red lip look, a red manicure is a power statement. If you love a classic, glossy red polish, but with the addition of designs, then scroll down and choose red nail art look to inspire your next salon appointment.
19 November 2023
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Saving case: how to store cosmetics properly

Each of us has a mass of every possible beauty products in tubes, jars and capsules at home and at work. Proper storage will not only prolong the life of beauty products but also preserve the health of the skin
19 November 2023
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More colour: dermal tattoos that change colour depending on the health

Tattoos are no longer just an aesthetic addition to the body. Now they can help people with diabetes or kidney disease monitor their condition in real-time.
12 November 2023
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Inspired by the sea: stylish blue nail design ideas

The blue colour is very beautiful. But the usual blue manicure may seem quite boring. Therefore, GoBeauty Blog prepared for you several variations of nail designs with the colour of the endless sea.
11 November 2023