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5 stylish hairstyles for curly hair: step-by-step guidance

Rings, waves or just curls – they are unusual, bright and almost always very naughty. What hairstyle is quick and easy? We have prepared 5 cool options for curly hair that you will like.
13 September 2022
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"No salt, please": 5 aluminium-free deodorants

You've probably heard that when choosing a deodorant, you should avoid the aluminium salts in the composition, which are now attacked by a bunch of negatives and scarecrows. It is caused by the fact that components such as aluminium and zirconium block the sweat glands in the armpits, can cause allergies, accumulate in the body and provoke terrible diseases.
11 September 2022
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Avocado oil for proper skincare

Everyone loves avocado, both young and old. This berry (yes, avocado is a berry) is part of almost all diets known to mankind. Because of easy digestion, nutritional value and mild flavour, avocados are often given as complementary foods to babies up to the first year of life.
11 September 2022
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Refreshes and rejuvenates: coffee scrub

The whole story of coffee tells us that it not only helps to wake up in the morning. This product has long been used in beauty salons for deep skin cleansing. Coffee scrub is a unique product. The most valuable is that it can be done at home.
11 September 2022
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TOP-5 most common fitness mistakes

You are sweating in the gym as much as possible, but the results you expected do not appear? Here the frustration, loss of desire and motivation will appear. To achieve fitness goals, you need to avoid a few mistakes. And soon you will enjoy the expected results!
10 September 2022
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Brown mascara: everyday makeup solution

A pleasant surprise awaits all the girls, as the mascara is perfect for ladies with any hair and eye colour.
10 September 2022
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Smoothie for immunity: delicious and healthy recipes

Read above the most delicious and useful smoothie mixes below!
10 September 2022
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TOP-5 fashionable sweater weather looks

How to wear, what to pair with and how to choose the right one? Today we take a look at these points in our article.
10 September 2022
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Useful habits that do more harm than good

In this article, we collected a number of “unhealthy” habits, which are better to get rid of.
10 September 2022
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Useful pumpkin properties and its delicious recipe

Pumpkin is often called the king of autumn. Nutritionists recommend adding this product to the diet to improve health and boost immunity. Value, benefits, harms, use properties of this autumn vegetable and a recipe for a delicious cake you will find in our article.
09 September 2022