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Highlighter – a favourite beauty-product of many girls, which is used to “illuminate” individual areas of the person. We have prepared an exciting collection of excellent highlighters for every taste!
09 December 2023
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In for a penny: multifunctional cosmetics

In the world today, the consumer wants to solve several skin problems at once and simultaneously save precious time and money on skin and hair care
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TOP-4 best BB creams

BB cream is used daily and determines the quality of makeup, so it must be good. And this applies to both decorative and caring aspects.
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It does not just make the hair neater: it can serve as an exquisite decoration if chosen correctly
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6 beauty gadgets that will change your life

GoBeauty Blog talks about new smart beauty gadgets that promise to change our daily lives and improve our beauty rituals.
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Vintage perfumes: fragrances that live forever

Not to burden yourself with races at a distance where you can not see the finish line, you can go the other way and choose vintage. And this applies not only to clothing, footwear, accessories, but also fragrances.
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