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Platform for individual beauty professionals and their clients

Each year the number of beauty professionals who want develop personal brand and run own business is growing rapidly. As well as the number of clients who want to find the best professionals, receive personalized, high-quality and safe services in comfortable surrounding. Our application supports both clients and professionals in achieving this

Our platform provides professionals with the opportunity to manage the business effectively, promote services, improve the quality of services and most importantly - enjoy their work. For clients - GoBeauty is an excellent assistant in finding a suitable professional and in quick and convenient booking of services

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Our mission

We support the independence of individual beauty professionals by creating a space in which they can maximize their talent without being distracted by daily management tasks. With the help of our product, professionals who want to develop their personal brand and their business can do it more efficiently and quickly.

We strive to develop a platform that will unite clients and professionals at one place and make their interaction more convenient.

Our values

We believe that our product can positively impact the lives of beauty professionals and their clients, so we develop GoBeauty focusing on this belief. Our values:

Free professionals from management routine. Work of a beauty professional should focus much more on interaction with clients, not on management routine

Help to enjoy work more. Beauty professional is a creative profession in which you can only become successful if you enjoy what you are doing

Promote technologies as a tool for saving time. Time is the most valuable resource that we want to save for GoBeauty users. In today's dynamic world, people should not waste time and energy on tasks that can be completed by automated digital technologies

Make sure clients receive high quality service. Everyone has the right to receive high-quality services, and the one who provides them - to be worthy of reward

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