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10 iconic clothes that never go out of style

There are fashion trends that are relevant for the season, there are those that remain at the peak of popularity for several years, but there are also those that do not lose relevance for decades.

If to know what elements of the wardrobe never go out of fashion, it will be much easier to assemble your basic wardrobe for an elegant look.

10 iconic things should be in the wardrobe of every woman.

White shirt with buttons


photo credit: Cosmopolitan

A white shirt adorns any woman very much, refreshes the look and combines almost with any clothes.

Large sunglasses


photo credit: Cosmopolitan

The main thing is to choose your ideal form and pay attention to the quality – the accessories immediately make it clear how “expensive” the outfit as a whole looks.

Cropped Black Pants


photo credit: Cosmopolitan

Wear it with a white shirt or t-shirt, as well as with a vest and red lipstick, as true French women do.

Massive earrings


photo credit: Cosmopolitan

Thanks to such earrings, it is easy to turn a daily look into an elegant one.

Well tailored pantsuit


photo credit: Cosmopolitan

Here, it seems, explanations are unnecessary.

Plain turtleneck


photo credit: Cosmopolitan

The primary element, with which you can create a lot of stylish outfits.

Little black dress


photo credit: Cosmopolitan

Nothing is more versatile and sexy than a little black dress.

Black ribbon in hair


photo credit: Cosmopolitan

Romantic and elegant.

Top handle bag


photo credit: Cosmopolitan

This bag can be used for more than one year.

Black Tights


photo credit: Cosmopolitan

It is vital that they do not shine and are not too dense – then it looks elegant.

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