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10 reasons to cut your hair short

In the life of every woman comes the moment when she wants to change her life. And we usually start with our appearance: lose weight, change wardrobe, make a new haircut. But to cut hair, you need a lot of determination. Therefore, GoBeauty Blog has prepared 10 strong arguments in favour of a short haircut.

Good hair condition

It’s simple – short curls remain healthy because they do not have time to get damaged. Daily styling, straightening, curling and frequent dyeing are not so scary when you visit a beauty salon every month. There are no split ends and brittle hair. It is always fresh and healthy.

Drying and styling will take less time

Here the question is individual. Some people say that long hair is much easier to take care of, but let’s pay attention to the features that speed up this process.

  • short hair dries faster than long – that’s a fact;
  • it is easier to add volume to short hair than long locks.

Hiding small facial imperfections

Radically, the shape of the face without surgery, of course, can not be changed, but you can hide small defects. The pixie haircut will hide a large forehead and an elongated face. And a bob with torn curls will balance a wide face.

Short hair is appropriate for women of all ages

A short haircut is often attributed to a lifting effect. Hairdressers are convinced that if you remove the hair from the face and lift it, you will immediately rejuvenate for at least 5 years. It’s easy to check: take your long hair in a seashell hairstyle, and you will see the difference.

People around you will notice your amazing diamond earrings

Well, or without diamonds, but very beautiful. After cutting hair, you will start to pay more attention to stylish jewellery. It will not only be more noticeable but even complement the hairstyle. Volumetric accessories will allow you to emphasize the shoulders, neck and décolleté. Thanks to jewellery, you can create an individual style.

Ability to change looks

Asymmetrical short haircuts are popular because they can be styled so that the hair will seem short or long.

You will save time and money

Short hair will reduce your costs: it requires much fewer shampoos, balms, masks than for long. A short haircut takes less time: the hair dries and styles faster.

The expediency of elegant makeup

As for makeup, everything is allowed here! The effect of “deer look” or “smoky eyes”, glamorous red lipstick on the lips. It is a good way to add femininity to your look and emphasize the beauty of the face. If you are in a hurry to work, use a foundation, a little mascara and your favourite lipstick.

Creative look

A girl with a long braid is a daily look for everyone. It’s boring, for some it’s perfect. A short haircut will give the image a whole bold momentum.

Men’s attention

According to many men, a short haircut is very sexy. Short curls open the face, make it expressive, and most importantly, you can admire the beautiful neck. And they do not interfere with kissing. Isn’t this the main argument in favour of a short haircut?

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