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6 ingredients that help get rid of PMS

Frustration, headache, abdominal pain, cramps, feeling like you were not sleeping at all – all of these are very familiar symptoms of PMS.

Experts have published a list of products that will help to get rid of discomfort during PMS. Try and feel this desirable relief!


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Whole-grain products

Eating whole-grain foods increases the level of serotonin. This is a hormone of happiness that is responsible for the calm and good mood. Oatmeal with fruit or bread with fish will help get rid of irritability and excessive emotionality.


During the menstrual period, it is important to eat enough fish. It contains a large number of fatty acids that resist the action of prostaglandin – substances that cause pain during menstruation.


Water will help get rid of headaches, bloating, as well as clear the body from slags.


Bananas have high protein content, which makes the overall condition of the woman easier. Especially in cases where she suffers from fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

Herbal tea

During the menstruation, it is important to drink as much fluid as possible. A light herb chamomile or dandelion tea will reduce the pain. But you should drink no more than two cups of tea a day.


A dose of vitamin E, which you will receive as a result of the consumption of almonds, for example, will reduce the sensitivity of the breast.

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