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Airbrush makeup technique and how to do it

The airbrush makeup technique was first used almost 60 years ago, in 1958, when makeup artists had to tan up to 1,000 actors at a time for a film. They got an even bronze skin tone quickly by spraying cosmetics and thus introduced airbrushing into the world of professional makeup. The technology, devices and cosmetics have improved, and, today, in Western countries, airbrush makeup is almost the first place in the most famous beauty studios.

Features of the procedure

There are the following advantages of airbrush makeup:

Hygiene. The makeup artist does not touch the client’s face with hands or any cosmetic accessories. The pigment substances are sprayed with an airbrush at a certain distance.

Naturalness. The makeup looks more natural than because of a thinner layer of the product on the skin. It preserves the natural skin tone.

Application speed. Spraying the tonal foundation on the face or legs to hide cosmetic defects is almost instantaneous.

Suitable for any age and skin condition. The composition of the beauty products may include therapeutic components, so can be sprayed on the skin with acne, inflammation or psoriasis.

Water resistance. Airbrush makeup is not afraid of water. So it won’t be ruined by the rain or wash away with tears.

There are also the disadvantages of such makeup:

Price. The device itself, as well as cosmetics for it, are not cheap.

Dependence on the power supply. Airbrush is an electric device, so you cannot apply tonal base easily.

How to do airbrush makeup yourself

To perform this makeup at home, you will need an airbrush, specialized cosmetics and purified water from harmful impurities.

Let’s start…

  1. Place a small amount of liquid toner in a container located on the airbrush, then add a few drops of water. You can find detailed instructions with the proportions of mixing on the packaging of airbrush cosmetics.
  2. Place the airbrush pen at a distance of 15-25 cm from the face and spray the beauty product in light circular motions by pressing the button on the airbrush handle. Do not hold the airbrush in one place. The layer will thicken very quickly, and the coating will become uneven.
  3. Allow the layer to dry, after which you can repeat the procedure and apply a second layer if desired. Wait a few minutes for the cosmetic to dry completely. Now your tonal foundation is ready. It is not necessary to apply mattifying powder.

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