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08 February 2022


Dutch Cheese Varieties in Amsterdam, Netherlands

The Netherlands is renowned for its rich cheese-making heritage, with Dutch cheese being one of the country's most famous exports. Amsterdam, the vibrant capital, offers a delightful journey into this delicious aspect of Dutch culture. From the creamy Gouda to the nutty Edam, this article explores the various types of Dutch cheese and where to find them in Amsterdam.

1. Gouda: The Golden Standard

Gouda, named after the city of the same name, is perhaps the most famous Dutch cheese. It's known for its rich, creamy texture and sweet, buttery flavor that deepens as it ages. Gouda comes in several varieties, from the young, mild "jong" to the mature, flavorful "oud." Visitors can find an array of Gouda in Amsterdam's cheese shops, ranging from plain to those flavored with herbs, spices, or even truffles.

2. Edam: The Globally Loved Sphere

Edam, recognizable by its spherical shape and red wax coating, is another popular Dutch cheese. It's milder and slightly saltier than Gouda, with a firm texture that makes it excellent for slicing. Edam ages gracefully, becoming drier and sharper, yet it retains its smoothness. In Amsterdam, look for the traditional "Edammer" in markets and cheese stores to enjoy a taste of this classic.

3. Maasdam: The Dutch Answer to Swiss Cheese

Maasdam cheese is known for its large holes and sweet, nutty flavor. It's the Dutch version of Swiss Emmental, made using a similar technique that results in the cheese's characteristic holes and distinctive taste. Maasdam is perfect for those who enjoy a slightly sweeter, aromatic cheese.

4. Leyden: Spiced to Perfection

Leyden, or Leidse kaas, is a unique variety made with cumin and other spices, giving it a distinctively aromatic flavor. The cheese is firm and crumbly with a tangy taste, enhanced by the spices used in its production. It's a must-try for anyone looking to explore the more flavorful side of Dutch cheese.

5. Where to Taste and Buy Dutch Cheese in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is filled with cheese shops, markets, and tasting rooms where visitors can explore the world of Dutch cheese. Consider visiting:

The Amsterdam Cheese Museum: Not only a place to buy cheese but also to learn about its history and production. Reypenaer Tasting Room: Offers guided tastings where you can learn about and sample various Dutch cheeses.

Albert Cuyp Market: A bustling street market where you can find a wide variety of cheeses along with other Dutch delicacies.

6. Pairing Dutch Cheese

Dutch cheeses can be enjoyed in many ways, from simple cheese platters to cooking and pairings. Try Gouda or Edam with a slice of dark Dutch bread, or enjoy Maasdam with fruits and nuts. For wine pairings, a young Gouda might go well with a crisp white wine, while an aged Gouda could be paired with a robust red.

The world of Dutch cheese is diverse and delightful, offering flavors and textures to suit every palate. In Amsterdam, the tradition of cheese-making is celebrated and savored, with countless varieties waiting to be discovered. Whether you're a cheese aficionado or a curious foodie, exploring the Dutch cheese varieties is a tasty way to connect with the culinary heart of the Netherlands. So next time you're in Amsterdam, take the time to taste, savor, and enjoy the rich, cheesy goodness that Dutch culture has to offer.