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Face yoga: Sculpting the face without cosmetics, Photo 2455

09 September 2023


Face yoga: Sculpting the face without cosmetics

Face yoga is experiencing a wave of popularity – thousands of women are attracted to it all over the world. Among the fans of this technique are many stars: for example, Jennifer Lopez, Cate Blanchett, Reese Witherspoon and Halle Berry, whose fans believe that she sold her soul to the devil. How to stay young and not get into hell? GoBeauty Blog will tell about it today.

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The essence and purpose of the method

The goal of face yoga is to work out the facial muscles so that they do not lose their tone. The principle of training is the same as in the gym when sculpturing the figure – we give the correct exercises and get the result – elastic muscles tightened skin. Already for a couple of training reduces puffiness (activated outflow of lymph), the cheekbones are outlined, the chin gets exacerbated, the sharp angle of the jaw becomes clearer. Aksakal promises to even tighten the cheeks, raise eyebrows, smooth the vertical wrinkles on the forehead. The results are particularly noticeable if the face has already begun to pour.

Coaches consider face yoga a great alternative to botox and plastic surgery. The face and body become ageing because the muscles are shortened with age. Physical exercises prevent it and allow you to maintain and improve the shape of the muscles.

Pleasant bonuses

Face yoga, of course, is discipline. It is produced a useful and quite simple habit for 15-20 minutes 1-4 times a week to take care of your face. Subsequently, you will do this automatically as you brush your teeth in the morning.

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Also, face yoga not only boils up muscles but also relaxes – because to get rid of spasm and stretch/relax just necessary to achieve the correct result. It is important to note that no training does not go unnoticed. Immediately after exercise, the muscles are in tune for about four hours. If at some point you stop training, the muscles will slightly decrease in size, but a more significant deterioration (as happens with the body) will not occur.

Where to start

To start exercising, no experience or superpower is required. Just watch the video at the end of the article and repeat the moves. The first step is to decide to get better, and the result will not force itself to wait.