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How to choose palazzo pants and what to wear them with, Photo 120

10 February 2022


How to choose palazzo pants and what to wear them with

The favourite palazzo pants of Marlene Dietrich are back in fashion. And, judging by the latest shows, will remain in trend for a long time. Let's find out right now how and with what to wear them.

Choose pants according to the figure type

Wide pants suit all girls, regardless of body type. Landing is of great importance when choosing your palazzo. Choose the height of the palazzo pants according to the body shape.

Hourglass shape

Thanks to the balanced bottom and top, the owners of the hourglass figure will fit any fit palazzo pants. It is recommended to leave the top narrow and shortened so as not to disturb the harmony of the look.


To visually expand the narrow top of the pear shape, it is better to choose palazzo pants with a medium fit. The high-waisted style and the corset belt at the waist will make the bottom even more full. You can complement the outfit with a jacket or cardigan.

Inverted triangle shape

Palazzo pants look great on an inverted triangle shaped body. It is better to prefer a high fit. So it will visually add volume to the narrow hips. Feel free to experiment with the colour and prints.


A high waist and corset belt will visually make the missing waist, it will add roundness to flat hips. 


The main problem is the round belly and flat hips. Palazzo will correct these shortcomings. Combine them with asymmetrical straight-cut blouses.

With what to wear palazzo pants

We have collected 5 options that will help you implement this trouser trend in your autumn wardrobe.

With sweaters

The weather in autumn is changeable and unpredictable. So we advise you to prepare winter clothes in advance and be ready to change light shirts to warm and cosy sweaters. Combine wide pants with thin or knitted sweaters. 

With bodysuits and turtlenecks

A great casual outfit for every day will be with basic turtlenecks and classic bodysuits. Stylists recommend combining two main colours in the outfit, so as not to overload it. For example, a light solid bottom and a dark top or vice versa. 

With shirts and blouses

If you are going to work, the classic black and white range of shirts with palazzo pants will be a great alternative to a boring office dress code. If you want more elegance, combine plain palazzo pants with a flying blouse. Wide pants and a blouse or shirt is a great combination for all occasions!

With T-shirts and tops

If you want to attract the attention of others, the palazzo in combination with a knitted top or a satin top on thin straps will perfectly cope with this task. An elegant short lace or asymmetrical top with open shoulders will help to add a look a little romance. The perfect outfit for a girl who lives in the rhythm of a big city!

With a jacket

Many designers offer not to guess what to wear a palazzo, and immediately buy a ready-made suit with a jacket and baggy pants. Elongated jackets with a free silhouette are trendy. 

You can combine this suit with everything – bodysuit, T-shirt, shirt, blouse, top or turtleneck.