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How to deal with hair loss?, Photo 2695

24 October 2023


How to deal with hair loss?

Every woman sooner or later faces the problem of hair loss. Someone notices this after breastfeeding, someone after stress and absolutely everyone – with the onset of adulthood. Why the hair becomes thinner at the roots and break down, and how to stop this process, read in our article.

Causes of the problem

There are several causes of hair loss:

  1. Diseases of the scalp – seborrhea, dermatitis, dandruff, monilethrix. In this case, it is useless to drink vitamins and apply masks, because until the disease is in the cause of the problem the hair will not fully grow. Therefore, if you notice that the scalp is itchy or rash appears, it is urgent to visit a dermatologist.
  2. Stress. It affects the state of the whole organism and each organ in particular. Under its influence, the blood vessels of the scalp taper and the hair follicles do not receive enough oxygen and nutrients. As a result, the hair becomes thin and fall out. If stress does not stop, baldness gradually forms.
  3. Unhealthy eating. Healthy food is the basis of health and beauty of hair. If you eat junk food and sweets, the hair becomes very dry and, accordingly, brittle.
  4. Unacceptable environment. Long stay in the cold (at low temperatures), polluted ecology, acid rain – all this adversely affects the condition of the hair. Use special products to avoid harmful effects and wear a hat when it’s a cold season.

Hair loss: what to do

In order to preserve the beauty and volume of the hairstyle for a long time, it is necessary to completely eliminate negative factors from your life: review nutrition, learn to cope with stresses (and better avoid it at all), cure diseases. In addition, you need to consult with a cosmetologist or a dermatologist and choose the products that are best for you. The specialist will tell you which cosmetics is better and develop an individual care program for maximum effect. Be healthy and beautiful!

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