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Milky Nails: a new trend in a manicure that has taken over the world, Photo 946

13 August 2022


Milky Nails: a new trend in a manicure that has taken over the world

It is believed that the Milky Nails trend was born on Instagram and was popularized by American plus size and body positive rapper Lizzie. But if you look at it a little deeper, you might recall that Kylie Jenner has been experimenting with milky coatings for quite some time, successfully combining them with designs of varying stages of festivity.

The trend was set by the nail artists on Elie Tahari, David Koma, Rick Owens seasonal shows. The latter show, in a typical designer style, showed an exaggerated version of a “milky” manicure: ultra-long, curved plastic nails.

What is Milky Nails

From the name, it is already clear that such nail art is performed in milky colour, which is not to be confused with classic white. This colour has special softness, grace and tenderness.

The main advantage of fashionable manicure is the amazing combination of elegance and minimalism, which looks equally good on the nails of both a young girl and a mature woman. Fingers decorated with such a nail art look very gentle and feminine, so milk manicure will appeal to all fans of the beautiful.

Well-known nail artists and bloggers call milky nails, or milk manicure, one of the hottest trends of 2020. It responds to the fashion for minimalism and naturalness, which is rooted in the modern beauty industry but looks interesting and fresh, so immediately attracts attention. The milk manicure looks perfect on short nails while making long nails look more expressive and flashy. The shape also doesn’t matter much – choose an oval, almond or soft square, depending on your preferences.

Fashionable designs ideas

Milky nails look great in a uniform coat on short and long nails.

You can complement the design with stones and/or foil.

Manicure with confetti looks stylish too.

Glitters are an unobtrusive complement to the delicate design.

The graphic drawings look quite original.