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Retro trends in modern outfits

It’s hard not to notice that retro trends were simply flooded with podiums and shelves of stores. You have probably already heard from the mother or even the grandmother the phrase “This outfit was also very fashionable when I was young.” There are only a few differences in the combination of some elements. In this article, we will draw attention to several trends from the past.

Wrinkly things

The trend for ease and freedom in looks has already entered our wardrobe confidently. And deliberately rusty stuff adds attractive negligence. Linen cloth is now at the peak of popularity. Maybe your grandmother will try to iron your belongings, but it’s not necessary. That should be so. Very comfortable clothing that saves you time. The most up-to-date such things will be right now.

Flared pants

The shouting trend of the past. Flared jeans and trousers are back again. They are for girls that are self-assured. It is best to choose such pants with a high waist, then your legs will be visually longer and the waist thinner. Keep in mind that your hips will also be highlighted and attract attention. It’s best to combine such pants with heeled shoes, a shirt or a T-shirt. A great option for a job outfit, if you do not have a strict dress code, and for a romantic walk or dinner in the restaurant.


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Dresses with flounces

Recently, dresses with flounces were an element of the retro wardrobe, they were chosen for themed parties. And now many of them occupy a place in everyday and basic wardrobe. Especially popular dresses with a polka dot pattern. Also, one of the trends that came back to us over time. If your mother has such a dress in the wardrobe, you can advise her to remember about it. Or lend for yourself. Undoubtedly you will be the altitude. The lightness trend and the combination of all make it possible to mix dresses with different shoes. Choose sandals of medium heights, and your look will be restrained and romantic. Combined with a stylish handkerchief in your hairstyle it will be a great option for a romantic date. And if you prefer a more modern combination, sneakers are your best option. In this way, you will feel comfortable all day.


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Robe dresses

The robe dress is an element of wardrobe since the ’90s. In the 21st century, it is back in the trend. Some designers even create wedding dresses in this style. If your perfect dress is restrained, but with a highlight pay attention to the wedding robe dress. No matter how strange it may seem, this may be the best option for you. And for a daily look, choose a gown of the natural cloth and combine it with sneakers or shoes. With a belt, this dress will emphasize your waist, and despite the shoes on the low soles will look feminine.


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photo credit: laugh_of_artist/Instagram

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