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Totally messed up: beauty product for naughty curls, Photo 2352

25 August 2023


Totally messed up: beauty product for naughty curls

Scarlett O’Hara, the heroine of “Gone with the wind” novel, was combing her hair a hundred times. The temperamental beauty was well aware that this simple procedure would make her curls more than a hundred times better. Even though long hairis a decoration for any woman, it is very troublesome and requires constant care. What other recipes to tame the “naughty” unsurpassed Scarlett forgot to mention?


It is a modern, multifunctional tool that provides deep hydration and repair damaged areas of hair. Hair is disciplined and more comfortable to comb. The dyed hair is protected as much as possible from washing out of pigment and fading, and structure – from damages by high temperature. Hair finds strength and shine, looks alive and well-groomed.

There is only one hint – oily hair owners should apply a primer on the entire length. For girls with dry, thin hair ends, the primer should be applied to the damaged areas to improve its appearance instantly.

Texturising paste for curls

The paste refers to modelling styling products. That is, it can be applied not only on dry but also on slightly damp hair. The degree of fixation is usually medium. Try not to overdo the product, especially the first time. To do the styling, you will need a little amount (the size of peas). You will immediately see how your hair becomes more docile, smooth and shiny. Moreover, fluffy hair will be smoothed, and the hairstyle will take shape.

Mists, sprays and haze

Spray-conditioner is ideal for densely tangled, loose and porous hair. It intensely nourishes and moisturizes dry hair. Helps to restore its structure after dyeing, discolouration, high-temperature procedure. The mist reduces porosity and strengthens the cuticle, facilitating combing and styling as well as lustre and elasticity. Similar sprays are also used before dyeing to even out the porosity of the hair, which prevents further damage and gives a smooth colour throughout.

Powder for curls

This multi-purpose beauty product gives the hair volume, shape to the hairstyle at the roots, separating strands of hair, which prevents tangling. The powder acts on the hair immediately and has a medium degree of fixation. It is an ideal product for styling thin, fat-prone hair. It’s easy to use: apply a small amount of powder to dry hair. If you want more volume, apply the product a second time.

The right comb

For densely tangled hair, the choice of the comb is particularly sharp. Because sometimes not only hair has to be untangled, but the comb itself.

The most useful, hygienic and skilful are considered combs and brushes made of natural materials. They gently massage the scalp and care for the hair without damaging its structure. Ideal for tangled hair continuously is a wooden brush with bundles of natural bristles at the base.

Silicone and rubber combs of the new generation are also well proven – they are practical, durable, do not electrify the curls, and easily cope with squished hair.

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And finally: combing your hair, don’t forget about Scarlett O’Hara’s method. Not only does the stoic combing untangle your curls, but also cleans the scalp from dead cells and sebum, and provides a comfortable massage. And this helps to improve hair nourishment and accelerate its growth.