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What to wear on September 1st?

September is coming soon. This means not just autumn, but September 1st is Knowledge Day. Very important for many a day. Someone is bringing their kid to school for the first time, for someone, it is a tradition to go to school with their child. It is necessary to choose a festive outfit for the child, bows for the daughter, a tie for the son. It is also very important for mom not to forget about herself. Which outfit to choose to look harmonious and at the same time comfortable on holiday.

It is very relevant to take into account weather conditions. Most often, it is very hot on September 1, despite the fact that autumn has already begun. This fact is important for both the mother and the child. It is not a pleasure at all to be exhausted from the heat and not to enjoy the event.

The family look together with the baby is the first variant of the outfit for the mother for the first of September that we recommend. This option is especially useful if you have a daughter. Of course, this does not mean braiding or white tights. Such a look depends on the outfit of the child. It can be a dress made of a high-waisted costume fabric and a neat, thin belt. Or a white shirt with a pleated skirt. It is best to choose clothes made of natural fabrics.


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If you have a boy or just don’t like the family look idea, you can choose a classic pantsuit. If the weather is too hot, you can not wear a jacket, only trousers and a shirt. Depending on the way you want to make your look, you should choose footwear. If more comfortable, then these can be classic shoes with low soles. And if there is a desire to add more formality, it is better to choose heels.

The suit does not have to be dark in colour. You can choose light pink and peach shades. Or one in a nude colour scheme.


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In order not to look too formal, you can choose a more free look. For example, a pyjama-style linen suit and a basic white T-shirt. In this case, shoes can also change the mood of your outfit.


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Of course, not only trousers can be selected. And also a light sundress, or a silk pleated skirt with a T-shirt or shirt.

You should not wear too-short skirts or shorts; it is better to leave it for the beach. Also, keep in mind that the look should be comfortable for you and that all things and shoes are comfortable so you can fully enjoy the holiday and share it with your kid.

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