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5 details in the appearance of women that all men like

Every girl wants men to pay attention to her. However, according to Business Insider, every time a guy looks at you, he evaluates reproductive fitness assessment – the ability to endure and give birth to healthy offspring. Yes, yes, that’s exactly it.

If the following characteristics are present in the girl’s appearance, the guy begins to experience an instinctive, irresistible attraction to her. Thus realizing that she could become the mother of his children.

Waist-to-hips ratio

The ideal ratio is 7:10. Looking at the a la hourglass figure, the boys subconsciously perceive the girl as healthy and prolific. This point is pretty obvious and it explains the popularity of Kim Kardashian and various corsets to reduce the waist.

A high voice

A high, sonorous voice is associated with youth and femininity. Hearing it, the boys imagine a beautiful and sexy girl.

Healthy hair

Shiny, thick and long hair has always been synonymous with attractiveness. Again, for a man, they “signal” good health and fertility.


Science has also proven that the health and whiteness of teeth are also important. It turns out that getting to know us, men manage to look at them also!

Less makeup

Men prefer women with less makeup and good skin – dense makeup misleads and confuses them.

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