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5 good tips for not getting fat during the New Year holidays

For those who want to lead a healthy lifestyle and keep an eye on their weight, the most challenging time is coming – the New Year holidays. A series of banquets, corporate parties, called dinners and apogee – New Year’s Eve with roast goose and other dishes. How to be: to deny yourself everything by eating unhealthy meals or to indulge in gastronomic madness? We’ve put together some lifehacks to help you get the holidays delicious and without sacrificing your figure.

Choose healthy food

Prefer low-fat meat: turkey, chicken, veal, beef, duck, rabbit. In your taboo list only pork. There are many ways to cook meat: Of course, it should be baked rather than fried.

As for the fish in the holidays, we can afford a greasy fish: you can eat salmon in appetizers, but keeping a good measure – a couple of slices of salted salmon will help to knock out the onion.

As a side dish, choose vegetable dishes. Your table should be full of vegetables in various variations: vegetable slicing, spring salad, stew or ratatouille, baked vegetables are perfect for this kind of event.

The cheese plate is the perfect snack. Feta, ricotta, cheese, Adyghe cheese, mozzarella will be the best choice.

Sweets should be chosen light – jelly, marshmallows, marmalade, dark chocolate, tiramisu, cheesecake – what you need.

Get the right snack

During the holidays, unhealthy snacks like cookies and candies are always on the table. When delicacies are readily available, you are more likely to eat them, even if you do not feel hungry. At home, this problem can be solved by keeping treats out of sight. However, it is more difficult to follow this strategy if you are visiting relatives or at a corporate party. Try not to take everything from the table in a row. If you are hungry and want a snack, choose a healthy meal. Fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds are great snacks that contain no sugar or harmful fats.

Get enough sleep

Lack of sleep, which is quite common in the holidays, can lead to weight gain. It is because the one who sleeps less consumes more calories with less activity. Restriction of sleep can increase the level of hunger hormones, which will eventually lead to increased calorie intake. Also, poor sleep is associated with a low metabolism. It can be caused by changes in your circadian rhythm, a biological clock that regulates many body functions.

Trick your body

  • Before going to the holiday feast at home, it is advisable to have a light meal a few times (not to eat).
  • Studies have shown that people who are dieting in low light are more likely to overeat. Therefore, it is better not to be alone with a plate in a dark corner, but to sit at a well-lit table.
  • Switch alcohol with water. Alcoholic beverages are not only full of calories by themselves (in one glass of dry wine – 75 kcal); they are also insidious. The more you drink, the less you control what and how much you eat.
  • Drink more mineral non-carbonated water; it fills the space in the stomach and creates a feeling of satiety for a while.
  • Eat apples, especially green, their structure and fibre help reduce appetite.

Move more

There is nothing worse for health than sitting idly at the tables all the holidays, to get your body to the bedroom. The only prize for such tenacity will be extra pounds.

If you are preparing your own New Year’s party, be sure to think of an exciting active program – competitions, dances, games in the hall or the open air, playing snowballs, competing for the best snowman. Then you will be impressed and forget about the extra pounds.

If you are in a restaurant, cafe, nightclub, there too, you will undoubtedly be involved in a festive program, dancing and active games. Try not to remain a passive spectator, have fun, move around – and you won’t need to think about food.

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