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A simple habit that will make the skin perfect

Too many versions have heard how to properly cleanse your face after makeup. Some people use micellar water, some foam for washing, and some people wash only with water. There is another trend in the beauty industry – washing with soda water. It is said that it helps Asian women to achieve the effect of porcelain skin.

What scientists think about it

Well-known American dermatologist Dendy Engelman notes that soda water promotes the expansion of blood vessels and arterial extremities of the capillaries. All this increases blood circulation. Thus, more oxygen and nutrients get into the skin. So it is more effectively regenerated. That is, the cells are rejuvenated, the face becomes radiant, all skin irritations disappear faster.

The expert also noted that such washing can be considered a kind of peeling. Bubbles of soda water gently remove dirt from the surface of the skin and do not harm it, as some aggressive scrubs.

How to wash yourself with soda water

Take a deep bowl and fill it with soda water. Immerse your face and hold for 10-15 seconds.

It is not necessary to do the procedure daily. 1-2 times a week is enough.

Use caution if you have sensitive skin. Consult a cosmetologist.

After performing the ritual, gently wipe the skin with a cotton pad.

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