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TOP-5 best gadgets for facial massage

In the age of technology, there are many ways to diversify the usual care. Brands are actively producing gadgets and accessories for domestic use. Many of them replace a visit to the beautician and thus save a lot of time. Today we talk about the best devices that will help make your home beauty routine much more effective.


Purelift the American brand specializes in non-invasive methods of lifting and sculpting the face. Thanks to the electrical stimulation, it activates and tightens muscles. The first results can already be seen 10 minutes after using the gadget.

MTG ReFa S Carat

The MTG brand is widely known in native Japan for many years and recently it has begun to conquer the European beauty market. One of the brand’s bestsellers is the ReFa S Carat self-massage device with two faceted balls that gently grasp but do not stretch the skin. Thus it increases blood circulation and relaxes numerous facial muscles.

Sarah Chapman The Facialift

To recreate Sarah Chapman’s famous salon facial massage at home, the brand has released the Sarah Chapman The Facialift massager. It has eight rotating rollers and 48 massage heads that simulate finger massage.

The massager tightens the face, returns it to its former youthful shape, as well as strengthens and tones the skin.

Ice Globes Fraicheur

Cryospheres perfectly complement the daily beauty routine. The desirable time of application is in the morning. It combines perfectly with serums, fabric or gel masks, and creams. Remain cooled longer compared to natural stone rollers.

The device refreshes, relieves fatigue, awakens, increases skin elasticity, relieves irritation and soothes sensitive skin, promotes lymphatic drainage, improves the penetration of drugs applied to the skin, narrows pores, and improves blood microcirculation and, consequently, complexion, adds natural radiance.

Nurse Jamie UpLift Facial Massaging Beauty Roller

The device has a faceted shape and is equipped with 24 tourmaline stones. Due to this, the gadget makes a more thorough facial massage, which gives excellent results.

If you use the massager every day, it noticeably tightens the contours of the face, emphasizes the cheekbones and even smoothes skin folds that have appeared as a result of active facial expressions. According to user reviews, the cheekbones become more pronounced after two weeks of daily massage. Although visually the device looks simple, it is made quite well.

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