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BB and CC-creams: what is the main difference, Photo 2344

24 August 2023


BB and CC-creams: what is the main difference

Many leading makeup artists recommend using BB or CC-creams to create perfect makeup. These products of the beauty industry are improved copy of the foundation and refer to multi-tasking cosmetics. In this article, we will tell about what are the main differences and what are they needed for.

The main differences

BB-cream is a tonal base enriched with moisturizing ingredients. CC (Color Correction) – cream is with more courtship components designed to correct the tone during the day. Therefore, BB and CC-creams make it possible not to use moisturizing cosmetics before applying makeup. The composition of improved tonal products of the XXI century necessarily includes SPF- factor, which protects skin from ultraviolet and ageing. However, in BB-creams concentration of the corrective components is higher, and they perfectly level the tone, mask the deficiencies, pigment spots and redness. In CC-creams, on the contrary, a higher content of moisturizing components. Thanks to light-reflecting particles and fine-dispersed pigments, it perfectly hides small skin imperfections, circles under the eyes, etc.

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BB and CC-creams also differentiate in texture. BB products are recommended to owners of dry skin, so it has a denser texture. CC-creams will suit girls with a fat type of skin. However, it is worth remembering that BB-creams should be selected more carefully than the CC. The latter is more functional and better adapted to the individual skin tone. It is more natural and less noticeable on the skin.

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Experts in view of high doses of antioxidants in composition, extracts of medicinal plants, vitamins and mineral pigments recommend to girls with problem skin use these products as a day cream. However, BB-cream because of the minimum content of anti-ageing and other medicinal components is not always able to replace day cream. Cosmetologists also recommend use BB-cream during the cold season, and in the summer give preference to powdery and weightless CC-creams. At the same time, the latter product is more suitable for everyday makeup, and for a more thorough and perfect makeup for important events and celebrations, it is better to use BB-cream.