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Contouring as the basis of perfect décolleté

Modern cosmetics such as correctors, bronzers, shimmers, highlighters help women emphasize not only the dignity of face, but also create an perfect décolletage line. Make-up technique, which allows you to adjust facial features and make an expressive décolletage line, is called contouring. In this article we will tell some secrets of successful contouring of the décolletage area. They will help visually increase small breasts and tighten lost elasticity.

The contouring of decollete will allow owners of small breasts to safely wear clothes with deep cutouts. A competently made make-up increases the size of breasts and makes neckline more embossed. This type of makeup has become popular with regulars of the red carpet: Kim Kardashian, Naomi Campbell, Heidi Klum and other Hollywood stars. Thanks to the basic rules you can also boast luxurious neckline.

Basic rules of breast sculpting technique

Perfect decollete can be created by following simple rules for applying corrective cosmetics. It is important to consider its width and depth of opening. Below are shown both correct and not very successful décolleté makeup.


Avoid mistakes and emphasize beauty of your breast will help the following rules:

  1. Contouring will help achieve desired effect if only skin of the decollete area is well-groomed. Cosmetologists recommend to at least 2 times a day apply moisturizing face cream for décolleté skin. Such type of cosmetics has better composition.
  2. You can begin to adjust the shape and size of the decollete, if the skin is dry and moist. Specialists usually apply moisturizing cream to the skin of decollete for half an hour before applying makeup.
  3. Experienced make-up artists recommend apply liquid or cream bronzers and highlighter for contouring neckline. They look softer and help to draw a pattern more clearly.


  1. With dark color, make-up artists recommend isolating the hollow areas of clavicle, the inner line of chest near the hollows.
  2. With light highlighter to highlight the convex parts of neckline – the collarbone, zones on the chest and shoulders.
  3. The greater number of hollows and convexities underlined by the correctors makes the decollete look more effective.
  4. For feathering of the applied cosmetics in the chest area it is better to use large brushes with nylon fleece.
  5. To fix the makeup, it is best to use a transparent powder or fixing spray.


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