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23 October 2022


Cosmetic clean up: when it's time to throw out cosmetics

Let’s do a little experiment? Open up your beautician and try to remember – when were bought favourite beauty products? Most likely, only the last 2-3 purchases from more than 50 titles you will remember. And in fact still, there are products for special cases (bright shadows, eyeliners) and a voice-frequency cream on tone more darkly usual – for the sunburnt skin. Such “residents” of your beautician, which sometimes serve for years, potentially threaten health. How not to make your beauty case a hotbed of bacterial infection? Let’s understand.

Carry out the revision of makeup bag

The expiration date specified by the manufacturer is relevant only for products that did not open and kept the packaging tight. After the first usage of the cosmetic, a completely different reading begins. It is always indicated by the manufacturer on the package. Not good closed bottles, improper storage temperature, exposure to sunlight, oxidation and other factors provoke the development of harmful microorganisms and loss of properties of cosmetics. If cosmetic clean up is held for the first time – it is better to throw out everything that was stored for more than 2 months. Such radical measures will protect against possible unpleasant consequences of using overdue cosmetics and it will be easier to follow the terms of use in the future. When to throw out cosmetics or what is the shelf life of beauty products from the moment of the first use:

  • face cream – 2 years;
  • liquid foundation cream – 6 months;
  • corrector – 1 year;
  • face powder (compact and crumbly) – 6 months;
  • liquid blush – 6 months;
  • dry blush – 1 year;
  • liquid eye shadow – 1 year;
  • dry eye shadow – 3 years;
  • eyeliner – 6 months;
  • pencils for the eyes, lips and eyebrows – 1 year;
  • mascara – 6 months;
  • lip gloss and lipstick – 9 months;
  • toilet water – 5 years;
  • nail polish – 1 year.

If less than the specified time has passed since the opening of the cosmetic product, but the texture has changed, an unpleasant or atypical smell has appeared, use causes skin irritation – throw it away immediately.

Introducing new beauty rules

After the first general cleaning in beautician, make it a rule to note when you opened a tube and repeat the audit every 3 months.

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To your favourite cosmetics did not spoil before time, store it in a dry and dark place and do not buy large packages and bottles. If, after all, something from cosmetics has deteriorated – throw away without regret. This will help maintain skin health, and also – it’s an occasion to please yourself with new cosmetics.