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Stylish spring manicure: step by step guidance, Photo 1620

18 February 2023


Stylish spring manicure: step by step guidance

The warm spring weather pushes us to change, transformation and, of course, to change the appearance. It is in the spring that fresh and fashionable ideas come to us. And if we are not always ready for a new haircut or colouring, it is quite easy to update the nail design to something fresher and more romantic. Today we offer step-by-step guidance for a gentle spring manicure with twigs and buds.

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  1. Make a hygienic manicure: remove the cuticle, shape the nails, remove the top layer so that nails become rough (this is necessary for better adhesion of the material).
  2. Apply primer to each nail and wait a few seconds for it to dry.
  3. Apply a base coat on nails that will not be designed. Dry them in a lamp.
  4. Cover the nails with a gel polish of a gentle pastel shade in several layers, drying each in a lamp.
  5. Apply the top on the painted nails, carefully sealing the ends and fix it in the lamp.
  6. Let’s get to design. On the remaining nails (it can be one nail on the ring finger or two on the ring finger and middle) apply a base coat, dry it in a lamp.
  7. Apply white gel polish (it should be opaque) in several layers and remove the sticky layer. Draw a twig with black gel paint. It is easiest to do with a brush with long bristles. Of the twig, we lead a few smaller ones and draw the leaves. Don’t forget to leave a few empty twigs to draw flowers there.
  8. Paint flower buds with a gel polish of the same shade, which painted the nails on which there is no pattern (pastel pink, purple), dry in a lamp.
  9. Draw the base of each bud in black and fix the design in the lamp.
  10. Cover the surface with a matte top, dry it in a lamp and remove the sticky layer.
  11. We need to draw the veins with white gel paint without a sticky layer. After drying, the design is ready.

You can watch spring manicure video instruction below