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Fashionable hair dyeing and colouring techniques

GoBeauty Blog has prepared 6 most fashionable ready-made hair colouring ideas that will help you make the right choice and surprise your friends with your new appearance.

Opal effect

This trend has been at the top for many years. In 2023, opal dyeing is relevant again. The most advantageous result looks on blondes: radiant shades of hues are most evident on a light background.

Most often, the base is lightened to the limit, so that the hair seems translucent. Not only colour but its alertness and dedication too are most required.


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Icy blonde

This shade is very demanding on the skin – it must be perfect – but a cold blonde can serve as a self-sufficient accessory. Crystal-ice locks can be different shades: ash, pearl, transparent, with a pink, blue or purple hue.


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Mahogany shade

The colour of mahogany looks spectacular on the hair and today it is joining the ranks of leaders. In general, it rarely goes out of fashion and suits almost every girl.

With the help of special highlighting techniques, the colour can be spread. Hair of this colour always looks stylish, whatever it is, straight or curly.


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Cinnamon with honey

The most fashionable hair dyeing for blondes was a shade of “cinnamon with honey”, such as Jessica Alba, Gisele Bündchen, Beyonce, Sarah Jessica Parker and Jennifer Aniston has. This colouring suits everyone without exception, regardless of skin tone and eye colour. You will look more tanned, and, natural. But the main popularity of this shade is that it can somehow magically add warmth to even the palest skin tones. Instantly.


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“Dirty” colour

Not every hair dyeing, according to colourists, requires purity of colour. Dirty Blonde and Dirty Brunette are two interesting trends of 2023. “Dirty Blonde” is a colour with a light base and light locks on the top layer. As a result, the hair looks blonde, and as if not.

A similar story with colouring for brunettes. The main colour in their case is complemented by lightened (a couple of shades, no more) curls, which, however, do not contrast with the base.


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Fashionable hair dyeing of the current year is performed particularly: the dye is applied by a hairstylist on the surface of the locks. This application technique allows you to achieve the most natural effect of hair colouring.

Two shades of the same colour are used, which creates a natural effect of burnout in the sun colour. Fashionable balayage colouring looks good on graduated haircuts, allowing you to achieve the desired effect.


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