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Heatless secrets of straight hair

While the owners of straight hair are wondering how to curl it, girls with curly hair dream of having perfectly smooth locks. Electric styling tools damage the structure of our hair. However, even if you can’t imagine your life without straight hair, there is no need to mutilate locks every time. There are alternative methods of safe heatless straightening. These will be discussed in our new article.

Start by using the appropriate shampoo and conditioner

It is vital to use shampoos that contain additives for hair straightenings, such as panthenol, castor oil and silicone. After you washed off shampoo, apply a hair straightening cream or conditioner and then serum or oil.

Use an absorbent towel

Straightening techniques without the use of heat work best on thin and slightly wavy hair of medium length. The process of hair drying will be much faster if you use a microfiber towel. It quickly removes moisture from the hair without damaging it.

Unobvious choice: use hair curlers

Curlers not only save if you need to create curls without styling but also help in the opposite case. Curlers of large diameter will be suitable for hair straightening.

Wash your hair, wet the locks with a towel and apply styling product. After curling your hair, dry it naturally, then untwist and gently comb.

Style your hair until it is completely dry

Long hair and medium-length can be easily made straight if you style it with a brush and smooth it with your palm at the same time. You can finish styling with oil which is applied to the tips.

Style a ponytail

Wash your hair as described in point 1, wait until it dries a little and becomes damp and style in a tight ponytail. If you have bang or short curls, fix them invisibly. Carefully comb the tail so that no knots remain.

Take hair bands and add them on the tail every 5-7 cm up to the back of the head. Wrap your head in a silk handkerchief, wait until the locks are a little dry, remove the rubber bands, comb your hair and leave it free.

Try the Latin American method

Latin American women straighten their fluffy curls using a method called “turban”. After washing the head, girls dry the locks using a hairdryer with a cold air supply and, leaving hair slightly damp, wrap it around the head. Fix the “turban” with hairpins. In the morning, all you have to do is pull out the pins and enjoy the result.

Besides, beauty bloggers have a popular “crown” technique. Completely wet hair is divided into two parts: the left is transferred to the right and the right to the left. The resulting crown is fixed with hairpins and left to dry naturally, preferably in the sun.

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