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How to choose a stylish headband

It does not just make the hair neater: it can serve as an exquisite decoration if chosen correctly.

Vintage headband

Dolce & Gabbana call to resurrect antiquity and decorate your hair with rims with vintage jewellery. Antique brooches, aristocratic ornaments, pompous embroidery make the simplest models of rims real works of art. Such accessories are suitable for romantic people, as well as women who prefer classic clothes. Lace is allowed, as well as the decoration of headbands with large flowers! Craftsmen can turn ordinary models into a designer accessory with the help of foam. In the handmade industry, foamiran is marked as an unpretentious and pliable material with which you can sew hundreds of exquisite jewellery (roses, orchids, peonies, exotic and wildflowers).


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Ethnic chic

Boho-chic style and folklore elements are at the peak of popularity at the bohemian party. Creative people are in dire need of daily contact with nature, so they love to decorate outfits with flowers, ethnic ornaments and fairy-tale symbols. Indian designers Reem Acra and Naeem Khan, who created collections of rims in Indian and Arabic styles, were especially noted. Accessories look majestic and quite pompous, acceptable inserts of semi-precious stones, coloured beads and rhinestones. You should prefer geometric and floral patterns, natural colour palette. For such headbands smooth hairstyles are necessary – hair is cleaned back and braided with the help of imperceptible hairpins.

Futuristic symphony

New crowns are needed in a new era, so women are offered to wear stylish bands made of modern materials. In fashion, metal bands of any shape (from a standard spring to flaunting zippers), plastic monochrome headbands (mostly white, black and silver) with narrow and wide margins. This look is suitable for strict ladies who have found their place in the world of science, business or politics. The hair can be relaxed or tightly gathered with a ribbon or geometric hairpin.


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Elegant headband

Felt fabric headbands, as well as smooth plastic, are symbols of elegance according to designers Givenchy and Marchesa. The black headband emphasizes the beauty of the face, so it should be worn by women who are confident in their attractiveness. The soft material does not harm the hair, so it is suitable for everyday styling. Stylish hairstyle with an inconspicuous accessory is suitable for clothing of any style – from conservative business attire to a somewhat sloppy casual.


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Asian trend

Japanese animation continues to gain popularity. Previously, bands with ears (traditional for cosplay) were worn only by Asians, but in past the fashion for cat ears became widespread. Ears with a metal frame, which stubbornly stick out from under the hair, look best. The headband must be almost invisible. This will help create the desired anime look.


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How to choose a headband

Keep in mind that accessories in classic colours – black, beige, brown will suit almost any look and clothing. For the office and business meetings, you should choose products without special decor. The most concise, medium thickness or thin. To go out into the world you should choose bands with rhinestones and all sorts of sequins.

Want to stay on a laconic metal headband? You should choose massive models only if they suit your face type.

Young girls should prefer thin multi-coloured plastic models, and older women should choose such bands more carefully, preferring more expensive products. Wide headbands are perfect for rest. They will look very good with summer sundresses or one-piece swimsuits.

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