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How to wash makeup sponge properly after using tonal base, Photo 2619

12 October 2023


How to wash makeup sponge properly after using tonal base

Oh, that eternal problem.

Only one difficulty causes a problem: washing the makeup sponge, which for the majority after a few weeks completely changes colour due to a large amount of makeup leftover. Moreover, you should definitely not follow the advice of YouTuber about washing a beautyblender with a dishwashing detergent.

There are several effective tips on how to wash your makeup beautyblender so that there are no ugly marks on it:

  1. Use special products designed to clean even the dirtiest and most unwashed beautyblenders: Liquid Blendercleanser and Blendercleanser Solid.
  2. Wash your sponge with your usual skin cleanser, baby soap or Dove. Substitute the sponge under a stream of warm water, lather, rinse and wring it until the water is completely clean.
  3. Do not wash the beauty tool with products containing alcohol, acetone, surfactants and aggressive acids – the remnants of the product may damage the skin well.
  4. If you apply waterproof makeup products, you can clean the sponge in two stages. First, generously apply hydrophilic oil to it, and then rinse it under a stream of warm water with gel or foam for washing.
  5. Remember the simple lifehack of the creator of BeautyBlender brand Ria Ann Silva: she advises you to thoroughly wash your sponge every time after makeup. Thus, you will relieve it of the appearance of bacteria and simplify the task of cleaning it.

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