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02 May 2023


Make it to summer: taking care of body skin

All women encounter cellulite. Some doctors believe that this is quite normal and it is a peculiarity of the female body. But we can hardly accept the “cellulite orange peel”, so GoBeauty Blog has prepared for you a selection of the most effective treatments to overcome cellulite.

  1. Peel. There are many types of peel: salt, iodine, coffee, oil, and algae. Exfoliating scrub helps to exfoliate the keratinized layer of the skin, refresh it and give incredible smoothness, youth and beauty. Peel is excellent preparation for other anti-cellulite procedures, since it removes the upper layer of the skin, thus increasing the penetration of procedures and cosmetics.
  2. Massage. The principle of any massages is to improve subcutaneous blood circulation so that the skin is tightened, and its colour is improved. There are many types of massages, but the most effective against cellulite are – with jars, honey and modelling (performed by the finger bones). Only by trying, you can choose which type is suitable for you. We recommend using special oils and lotions for skin elasticity to enhance the effect.
  3. Pressotherapy. This is a hardware physiotherapy method, which is based on mechanical effects on deep tissues and the lymphatic system with compressed air. It’s kind of “extruding massage”. During the procedure, a special suit, which is made of special cuffs (compartments), is worn on a person, in which successively air is supplied under different pressure. Due to this, the body and limbs are gradually compressed, which stimulates the removal of excess fluid from the body, toxins, restoration of water balance, improve venous circulation and metabolic processes activation. The lymphatic drainage effect of pressotherapy exceeds the manual method of figure correction.
  4. Cryolipolysis. This procedure is performed on special Zetig equipment. A vacuum nozzle is applied to the problem area. The device absorbing a little bit of the skin and then heals it with the cold for a short time. After low temperatures effect, fat cells die out and the skin becomes smooth and elastic. To see the result, you have to go through a course of 8-10 procedures.
  5. Sauna. It is a classical way of struggle against overweight and cellulite. The sauna helps not only to heal the body but also to get rid of excess fluid. As well as peel, the sauna is great preparation for massage and vacuum procedures, because when exposed to high temperatures, the pores begin to open. But do not try wrapping in the sauna. There is a risk of overheating.

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