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Preparing the body for the beach season: diet, massages, procedures, Photo 2565

06 June 2023


Preparing the body for the beach season: diet, massages, procedures

The summer has already begun, so bringing the figure to order had to be “yesterday”. In order not to be a part of an anecdotal situation, when the plane to the dreamed resort flies in half an hour, and you do not fit into your favourite dress, we advise you to get started immediately. And GoBeauty Blog will tell you how to achieve the desired results without harm to health.


This is the first thing you need to pay attention to if you want to lose weight. It should be correct, not dietary. Diets give a short-term effect – only until you keep it. Then the weight returns, because the body, adapting to the fact that the food comes in less, lays fat for a spare. So, you have to adhere to three meals a day, putting on the first half of the day (until noon) everything that is tasty and harmful (greasy, fried, smoked, salted, sweet). At lunch, we advise you to eat high-calorie, but useful food – soups, meat, casseroles. Supper should be something easy: fruits, sour-milk products, vegetables, boiled or baked meat or fish (without sauce).


We carefully do not write “sport” because health needs physical education, not sports. Excessive sport makes the body beautiful, but the price of this beauty is health. So we advise you to visit the gym three times a week. Choose the best type of sports for you, it can be yoga, pilates, stretching or TRX.


Another effective method of fighting cellulite and overweight. Together with proper nutrition and regular exercise, it gives maximum effect. Already in a month, you will not recognise yourself in the mirror. To improve the condition of the skin, we advise you to choose a classic vacuum massage and to fight the weight – honey. It also makes sense to combine them. It is hard to call these procedures pleasant, but the result totally worth it.


Another great aid in the fight for a slim figure. Together with massages and physical workouts, visiting a sauna helps to get rid of weight. However, it should be understood that in the sauna, not fat, but the liquid comes out with sweat. Before a gala event or a photo session, this is precisely what you need. You can visit the sauna no more than once a week. Absolute contraindications to the procedure are cardiovascular diseases, VSD.

You are still reading this article? Go to the gym while delicious dinner is cooking!

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